Airbnb is Changing the Way People Travel

imagesWe spend a great deal of time in this section talking about gorgeous hotels located on or close to the world’s finest beaches. From Aruba to Australia, we’ve shown you some of the world’s most luxurious hotels where you can check in and check out of life for a while on a magnificent beach. But now we’d like to talk about another way to find accommodations when you travel around the world to the hottest beach locations. Airbnb has grown to become an incredibly popular way to find high-quality, low-cost lodging, and if you’ve never heard of Airbnb, it may be high time you did.


Airbnb is a web-based service that was begun in 2008 by two friends. This accommodation website pairs travelers up with hosts who are willing to have people stay in their homes. Sometimes you’ll be staying in a room in the host’s home while they are there, or you can rent an entire apartment or house and he occupants will vacate before you arrive. The very best part about Airbnb is that it’s amazingly affordable, often ¼ or ⅓ the cost of a hotel room in the area you’re visiting. Would you rather stay in a Holiday Inn that’s a few blocks from the beach somewhere? Or, for the same money would you like to stay in a beach house right on the water that affords you privacy and all the amenities of a full home?  In the past two years Airbnb has grown wildly in popularity and you can now find accommodations all around the world. If the hotels are all booked or are too expensive the next time you travel, give Airbnb a try and you are bound to be pleasantly surprised.


  1. Ericka says:

    My friend did this on our trip to New Orleans and her accommodations were much better than mine for less money!

  2. zandra kino says:

    this is the best way to vacation

  3. Victor says:

    Air bnb is great!

  4. Winny G says:

    I will look into this for my next vacation

  5. Rebecca Lieu says:

    This hotel is ideal for a holiday with the whole family

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