Another World in Nadi, Fiji

downloadIf you want to jet off on a winter getaway this year, there is pretty much no more far-flung spot you can jet to than Fiji. Unless you live in Australia or somewhere else nearby in that Southern Hemisphere region, then Fiji is indeed quite a jaunt to visit, with its remote spot in the Pacific Ocean, south of the Equator, close to the Tropic of Carpricorn. Fiji is a collection of islands, each one more beautiful than the next. Fiji’s main island of Viti Levu contains some of the area’s most popular destinations, including the region of Nadi, which is on the western side of Viti Levu.


Nadi is a well inhabited melting pot, with a population of over 42,000, which is a pretty good showing for these remote tropical islands. But all of those citizens in Nadi in no way make it feel too crowded or overrun. This spot is convenient to visit as it is the main hub for tourists to fly into when traveling to Fiji. Another reason Nadi is also home to many hotels and motels, which is another reason why it makes a great home base when visiting Fiji. From there, you can travel throughout the islands, soaking up the unparalleled tropical splendor that is Fiji. And in addition to the unforgettable beach experiences around Nadi and the rest of Fiji, be sure to visit the many temples and immerse yourself in the spiritual and historical parts of this very special place.


  1. Mikey says:

    Sounds so great!! I want a trip to Fiji for Christmas!

  2. nancy says:

    what gorgeous clear waters

  3. harrison kool says:

    never been to fiji before, that’s going on the to-do list

  4. Izabel says:

    Fiji is amazing

  5. Miriam Ried says:

    This place is very quiet and perfect for holidays

  6. Florida Demo says:

    Fiji is a beautiful place to visit and to go on vacation

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