Barefootin’ on Barefoot Beach

download (1)Bonita Springs might not be the Floridian town name that pops to mind when you’re listing the most popular beach towns in the Sunshine state, but it might just deserve a spot on that list. The unassuming town on the western side of the state, due south of Tampa, is home to one of Florida’s most highly rated beach areas by those in the know. Barefoot Beach is part of a 342 acre preserve on the southwest coast of the state and part of its draw is that the area is still highly underdeveloped compared to the more packed and crazily overdeveloped tourist beach towns in Florida.


The nature preserve that houses Barefoot Beach is a narrow strip of land that is actually a barrier island. The park here is home to all sorts of species of animals and the waters off the beach are chock full of fish, making Barefoot Beach a particular favorite for fisherman from far and wide. The beach itself at Barefoot is a peaceful and natural setting that is separated from the mainland by a thick forest of mangroves. This beautiful beach is the antithesis of bustling spots like Miami and Fort Lauderdale and that is exactly what visitors love about it so much. And because Barefoot is surrounded by the park and nature preserve there are so many things to do besides lying in the sand all day. This is a nature trail, a picnic area and dunes to play in and climb.


  1. charismalicious says:

    never heard of barefoot beach, it sounds wonderful!

  2. Jeremy says:

    I want to go to a dune park, I’ve been hearing a lot about those lately

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