Cruise Along the Malibu Coast to El Matador Beach

downloadAs the Pacific Coast Highway weaves its way through Malibu, California, visitors quickly realize that the coast is dotted with one amazing beach after another. They don’t call this area the gold coast for nothin’. Malibu is indeed a huge part of the gold coast of Southern California, and the golden sands of its beaches are only one reason why it’s earned that nickname. The constant shining of the golden sunshine is another great reason. And it all adds up to some of the most beautiful beaches you could ever hope to enjoy.


El Matador State Beach may not be as well known as some others in Malibu, such as Zuma Beach, but El Matador has definitely earned a spot on the top of the list by being one of the most beautiful spots around. El Matador has been filmed many times to be included in movies and to serve as exactly what it is – a picturesque, gorgeous stretch of beach. This long stretch of sand is home to huge rocks and caves that hide along the coast in rocky corners. El Matador is quite easy to find if you’re traveling through Malibu, as it’s positioned right along the Pacific Coast Highway. This all-natural beach doesn’t offer snacks or refreshments so you should bring your own, and its beauty closes to the public at sunset.


  1. Kevin H says:

    I would love to explore the caves after a day of fun in the sun

  2. Betty says:

    This is one of my favorite beaches

  3. zelda says:

    there is nowhere in the world like soco beaches

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