Don’t Miss out on the Beaches of the Out Islands

download (2)Many people think of the Bahamas as the two main islands of Grand Bahama Island and New Providence Island. That’s where the most visited spots are located, such as Nassau with its wildly popular Atlantis resort. But The Bahamas is actually an archipelago that is made up of over 700 islands, and while many of those islands are uninhabited, several of the “Out Islands,” 14 to be exact, are not only inhabited but are home to some of the Bahamas’ most luxurious resorts and picturesque beaches.


Cat Island is one of the most beloved Out Islands and part of that love can definitely be credited to Fernandez Bay Village and Beach. If you’re looking to live for a while like an explorer who discovered a remote and gorgeous island and constructed a thatch roof hut, Fernandez Bay Beach would be an ideal spot to do just that. The beach at Fernandez Bay stretches for a solid mile of uninterrupted soft white sand along the ocean, but the half moon-shaped Bay actually reaches for several miles with all of the coconut trees and thick vegetation that frame the beach and separate it from the rest of the world. The mile-long spans of white sand is punctuated at either end by rocks that also block off Fernandez Bay Beach and keep it a special spot all to itself. The water here at the Bay is perfectly clear and when you stand in the shallows you can often see the white sand bottom of the Bay as easily as you can see it when you’re on the beach. Cat Island and all the Out Islands of the Bahamas are so worth a visit and you simply can’t miss beaches like Fernandez Bay.


  1. aaron brenigan says:

    never heard of cat island

  2. I love the Bahamas

  3. yoshi lee says:

    it would be amazing to stay on one of these lesser known islands

  4. penny g says:

    why do i not live in a place like this?

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