Endless Beach Fun to Be Found in Barcelona

images (7)As Spain’s second largest city, Barcelona would already be a fabulous city to visit even if it didn’t have seven white sand beaches stretching along its coastline where the Balearic Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, with a population between 4.2 and 4.5 million people, Barcelona is the sixth most populated area in the European Union. So the city and its surrounding area are bustling with more to do than you can ever fit into one trip, but you may just be tempted to spend your whole Barcelona vacation on the beach.

The climate in Barcelona is temperate and lovely. If you’re looking for the blazing sun of the Caribbean, this may not be the spot for you outside of August. Temperatures usually range between 65 and 88 degree Fahrenheit, sometimes dipping as low as the 50s or 40s in winter. Barcelona Beach is known throughout the world and is often included on lists of the best beaches in the world. It’s actually seven separate beaches, but they run along back to back, covering a total of 2.8 miles of coastline. The Olympic Harbor, which was added in 1992 when Barcelona hosted the Olympics, sits in the middle of the beaches and serves as a marina as well as being home to many hotels, bars and restaurants.


  1. Barcelona has the most beautiful people and scenery I’ve ever seen in my life

  2. I’ve been here!!!!!! So much fun it was unbelievable

  3. Barcelona is a very nice city, planning to go there again during the summer

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