Experience the Serenity of Sundy House

images (5)Delray Beach is an absolutely lovely town on the far eastern seaboard of Florida. It has a charm and class all its own, and visitors fall in love with it because it’s far less pretentious or over the top than its neighbors West Palm Beach to the north and Fort Lauderdale to the south. Instead of an endless parade of flashy yachts and the ostentatious mansions of the rich and famous, Delray Beach is dotted with many gorgeous and unique buildings that show off the old-world charm of this part of Florida. The Sundy House Inn Hotel is one such charming and unique building and a stay here will give you a truly peaceful Florida experience.


Sundy House is an inn, a restaurant and a lush and beautiful botanical garden. It’s name is quite apt, as it looks far more like a house than just another cookie cutter hotel. This small and cozy inn only has 12 guest accommodations, so each and every guest is catered to and made to feel like family. The house is like an old southern estate home, complete with a wrap-around porch and brightly colored stained glass windows. An acre of tropical gardens surround the Sundy House, which makes for a quiet and peaceful retreat from the world and an experience quite unlike the bustle of a Florida destination town like Fort Lauderdale. Each room or cottage at the inn has a different theme and has original artwork and hand picked furnishings. With the gardens, a world-class restaurant and tons of leisure spots at your fingertips, you’ll have to force yourself to leave the hotel and go explore the beaches of Florida.


  1. richard says:

    sounds like it would be a nice peaceful vacation spot

  2. Heather Francis says:

    I live in Fl, so maybe I will do a weekend trip to the Sundy House

  3. Oooh, I would love to do a trip to Key West and make that a stop along the way

  4. Cherilyn Wint says:

    One can have a peaceful stay to rest at the Sundy House.

  5. pamela55 says:

    i wonder if it’s very expensive?

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