Greet the New Year the Aussie Way

imagesIf you make your home in one of many places in the U.S. who are in the grips of a winter deep freeze right now, you may be seriously craving a getaway to someplace warm and sunny. And sure, you could head to Miami or L.A., but if you want to have a real adventure, why not travel to where summer goes south for the winter. Looking to ring in the New Year with a serious bang? Forget shivering in New York’s Times Square, waiting for a ball to drop. Instead, head down under where New Year’s Eve is always a hot affair that occurs right smack dab in the middle of summer.


That’s right, in case you need a bit of a geography brush up, it’s summer in Australia right now. And the city of Melbourne is one spot where the party just doesn’t stop, especially on New Year’s Eve? Wouldn’t you love to celebrate the start of 2014 on a beach in Australia? St. Kilda Beach in Melbourne has everything you need to do New Year’s right. This beach is centrally located with amazing views of the city of Melbourne. And, as Melbourne’s most famous beach, St. Kilda is dotted with incredible hotels, restaurants and bars, all of which throw incredible New Year’s Eve parties right on the beach. So forget your snowsuit, this New Year’s grab your swimsuit and party down on the sands of St. Kilda Beach.


  1. sandra b says:

    Why yes, i would LOVE to~!

  2. julianna says:

    ive actually been here before!!!!!!

  3. Janett Gale says:

    This place is great to go on vacation this for new years

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