History Meets Luxury at the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel

download (1)We’ve covered a lot in this last week about the high-rolling beauty and splendor of Monte Carlo, the gem of Monaco, but no conversation about that seaside town would be complete without focusing on one of its most sparkling jewels, the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel. This incredible five-star hotel is located just outside the actual tiny town of Monte Carlo, on the famed French Riviera, looking out over the Mediterranean Sea. The hotel has stood since 1929 and just underwent a complete renovation in 2009. If you want to turn your gambling or sightseeing trip to Monte Carlo into a beach getaway, then the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel is THE place to stay.


This hotel, especially since its renovations, perfectly blends the history of the French Riviera with all of the modern conveniences you would want in a world-class luxury resort. The accommodations range from modest (but gorgeous) rooms all the way up to lavish suite that will make you feel like a star, probably because so many have stayed there. And the hotel itself offers everything you would find at an inclusive, full-service resort, from a massive and beautiful pool deck, to sports and leisure activities, to full spa services that are offered right on the resort’s best feature – Monte Carlo Beach itself. And while the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel has enough food, drink and entertainment to keep you happy throughout your trip, this is one resort where you’ll want to force yourself to venture outside so you don’t miss the unforgettable experience that is the town of Monte Carlo.


  1. The renovations make this resort even better! What a beautiful place to stay.

  2. jessie says:

    monaco is simply amazing

  3. Anh Penman says:

    Staying in this hotel Monte Carlo would be a luxury.

  4. sandra says:

    looks like paradise

  5. Lissa Noblin says:

    Staying at this hotel is a luxury.

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