Meet the First Biodegradable Beach Toys

images (5)If you’ve ever tried to gather together your entire brood of family members and all of their belongings at the end of a long, exhausting and chaotic day at the beach, you know that it’s not unusual for items to get left behind. And if some of your children’s plastic beach toys get lost or left behind in the sand, or get washed away in the surf, those toys are going to litter the earth for hundreds of years before they eventually break down. Instead, why not do the earth a favor and arm your little one with beach toys that are a little friendlier to the environment?


That’s the idea behind the Zoe b Organic Fantastic Beach Toys collection. This environmentally conscious company has created a colorful beach set that comes with a square bucket with a lid that has patterned cutouts in the top and can be used to sift sand and teach shapes to your little ones. Inside the bucket are a shovel and two cups. The toys are all made from corn instead of petroleum and have no toxic chemicals whatsoever. If lost or left behind these toys will break down in about 2 or 3 years, as opposed to hundreds. The toys are quite durable though, despite being the world’s first biodegradable beach toys. And they’re perfect for toddler because each toy has no screws or other pieces to worry about. The bucket is carried by two cutouts in the sides and doesn’t have an external handle attached. Feel confident carrying these eco-friendly toys to the beach.


  1. hallie says:

    finally! its about time they thought of this!

  2. way cool 2 or 3 years isnt very long when u think about it its crazy that the other toys would take hundreds

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