Melt Away Your Stress at Aditya Resort in Sri Lanka

imagesFor some people, taking a mid-winter getaway to a warm and tropical climate is as easy as a quick trip down to Florida to recharge the old batteries in the sun for a few days. Others, though, dream of taking trips to more far flung and exotic locations that will serve up not only a warm and relaxing beach getaway, but also an unforgettable adventure. The island nation of Sri Lanka, which sits off the coast of India, is one such place that is guaranteed to deliver a beach getaway that is also filled with history, culture, and new adventures to see and experience every day.


The Aditya Hotel Resort is located in Galle on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. This gorgeous boutique hotel and resort has won many awards from places like Trip Advisor, which bases their awards on the opinions of travelers and from the International Hotel Awards, which named Aditya Resort best small hotel in the Asia Pacific. There are only 12 suites at Aditya, and each one is named after deities in Hindu mythology. That right there is very indicative of the sense of calm and peace that is so pervasive at Aditya. Leave your ocean view suite to take a yoga class on the beach or to pamper yourself at the resort’s spa. If you’re looking for a beach getaway that will fill you with a sense of sublime relaxation and bliss, look no further than the Aditya Resort in Sri Lanka.


  1. CLAIRE says:


  2. alessandra demarquez says:

    wow i never thought sri lanka was such a hot vacation spot. will need to check this out some day :)

  3. Lesia Lazar says:

    This hotel is ideal for rest and relaxation

  4. Pearly Plum says:

    tropical places are best to go on vacation

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