Ocho Rios Blends Nature and Convenience

download (3)The relaxed atmosphere on the island of Jamaica calls its visitors back again and again. Once you’ve spent a week or so laying around on this tropical island and soaking up the laid-back, always sunny, “no worries” vibe, you’re definitely going to want to return for future vacations. Jamaica is home to a few world famous spots that are beloved by visitors everywhere such as Negril, Kingston and the northern coastal town of Ocho Rios. This former fishing village has become a super popular stop for cruise ships, which some may see as a bad thing that leads to overcrowding. But it also means that the area has been developed to include some world-class shopping and dining.


Ocho Rios may be well developed, but it’s also still filled with tons of untouched, natural beauty and attractions that show off that beauty wonderfully. This is the kind of beach town where you can laze around on the sand for a few hours, then have a delicious lunch just steps from the water before heading out for some designer shopping. And that’s just the first half of the day. You can spend the second half hiking into the lush foliage that surrounds much of Ocho Rios so you can check out some of the most gorgeous waterfalls on the island of Jamaica. And while you’re experiencing the fun and beauty of Ocho Rios don’t forget to visit Dolphin Cove where you can swim with dolphins in a clear blue bay.


  1. Frederick says:

    Jamaica is beautiful but I hate how the peddlers chase you down.

  2. Patrice B says:

    That picture looks like where I should be right now.

  3. aaron brenigan says:

    i love places with a laid back vibe

  4. Darcel Omar says:

    This place is beautiful for holidays

  5. Johnna Puglisi says:

    What is appealing about this river is that it has one of the most beautiful waterfalls where you can spend a nice day.

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