Playa del Carmen Is a Beach Mecca in the Mexican Riviera

download (4)Since I wrote the other day about the Riviera Maya region of Mexico being such a wonderful place for lovers to visit this Valentine’s Day, I figured I’d continue down that path today and let you know about the fantastic beaches in that area. Playa del Carmen is the beach district in Riviera Maya, and even though it began as a humble, quiet fishing village, it exploded with popularity when visitors to the nearby island of Cozumel began taking ferries over to explore the lovely beaches.


These days Playa del Carmen, or “Playa” as it’s known, is home to condos, hotels, restaurants, bars and all sorts of entertainment venues and shops. The Central Beach at Playa del Carmen is located just a couple blocks from Quinta Avenida, or Fifth Avenue, which is the hopping hub of the neighborhood. The beach itself is a fantastic spot to lounge all day and swim in the bright blue water. And when you’re ready to go eat, shop and explore the area a bit you can head over to Fifth Avenue where you’ll find world-class stores such as Carolina Herrera, Christian Dior, Armani, Apple and more. And each week it seems like a new restaurant chain is opening up in Playa del Carmen, so you can find small local spots or you can dine at well-known spots like Ruth’s Chris, Cheesecake Factory or Hard Rock Cafe.


  1. trinity says:

    that picture is so beautiful

  2. James says:

    We just love the Mexican Riviera

  3. evelyn says:

    the shops there are unmatched

  4. Vanessa Lutz says:

    This sounds like the perfect place for our next vacation.

  5. Karma Skow says:

    This beach is quiet and great for the holidays

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