Privacy and Beauty on England’s Priory Bay Beach

images (1)When you think about the balmiest and most tropical beach spots on earth, England probably isn’t a location that springs immediately to mind. Yes, it’s true that England is far more famous for its fog and rain than for its sunshine and sand, but for a few glorious months each year England does enjoy lovely summer weather. And the southern part of the country in particular becomes a region that draws sun bathing visitors from far and wide. The Isle of Wight is one such sunny spot, filled with sandy shores, and Priory Bay is one small pocket of beauty with a coast that is well worth a visit for beach lovers.


Priory Bay Beach is exclusive and small, which is one of the things that people love about it so much. This isn’t the beach to visit if you’re looking for a bustling and busy tourist beach filled with shops, bars and non-stop action. No, the draw here is the pretty beach itself, set off by a semicircle of lush green trees that give it privacy and protect it from the winds. Priory Beach itself is soft and golden with calm and clear blue water in the bay. And although it’s quiet and private, Priory Bay Beach isn’t totally isolated with nothing at all to do; Priory Bay Hotel is right at the beach’s edge and does have lovely accommodations and delicious food including seafood that is caught right in the bay itself.


  1. Sanchez says:

    Love some seafood that was freshly caught

  2. larry carras says:

    sounds like there is little to detract from the natural beauty

  3. even more reason to go to england

  4. Andrea Jenson says:

    Totally my kind of vaca

  5. Aura Joslin says:

    This beach is perfect for beach lovers.

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