Take a Colorful Stroll Along Pink Sand Beach

Harbour Island BeachNassau and attractions like Atlantis may claim the lion’s share of the attention when people talk about the splendor of the Bahamas, but let’s not forget that the small nation consists of hundreds of islands, and more than a dozen are available for tourists. Eleuthera Island, the longest of all the Bahama islands, is home to one of the country’s most unforgettable beaches. In fact, Forbes magazine called it “the most gorgeous beach in the world.” This beach is known by a few different names – its official name is Harbour Island Beach, but others call it by the nicknames it’s earned because of its appearance. Some call it “Three Mile Beach,” because that’s how far it stretches along the island, and others call it “Pink Sand Beach” because of its most famous feature.


Pink Sand Beach is indeed pink in appearance. It gets its gorgeous pastel hue from the crushed coral and the microscopic shelled animals called Foraminifera, which are mixed up into the sand. Harbour Island Beach is located on the northern part of the island, and there is plenty of room on this beach for all who choose to visit. This beautiful pink stretch of sand never feels too crowded or too busy; you’ll be able to enjoy an entire day just lounging and relaxing on this beach without feeling as though you’re stuck on some tourist trap beach.


  1. Wow, how beautiful!

  2. Fran C says:

    It is soo pink, I thought it would be just a hint, but its really really pink.

  3. Gary F says:

    I could use a trip to the Bahamas

  4. Rhoda Towles says:

    This beach is one of the most beautiful by its peculiar color

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