The Delicious Spice of Boston Bay Beach

download (6)Jamaica is filled with so many gorgeous beaches that it can be really hard to focus in on just one to celebrate. But certain Jamaican beaches have such special qualities that they manage to stand out among all the incredible beauty that the island has to offer. Some beaches are stand outs because of their picturesque surrounding landscapes, some because of their pure, beautiful waters, and some because of a historical aspect that makes them interesting. Then there’s Boston Bay Beach, which checks all these boxes and stands as one of Jamaica’s most precious beach gems.


Boston Bay is located in the northeastern corner of Jamaica in an area where the waters are known for being well suited to surfing. This draws many visitors to Boston Bay Beach, but the beach has plenty of other reasons to visit. In addition to this incredible beach, Boston Bay’s biggest claim to fame is the fact that it’s the home of Jamaica’s famous jerk food. The jerk style of cooking, most famously chicken, is all about the blend of (very hot) spices that are rubbed on the meat before it’s grilled. Not all jerk is super hot, but Boston Bay is known for it’s really spicy jerk. And once you’ve filled up on delicious food at one of the many jerk food stands surrounding the beach you can relax the day away on this lovely beach and marvel over its clear blue water.


  1. Sharron Lawry says:

    Might have to go to the beach tomorrow after seeing that picture

  2. this beach is the embodiment of everything i love about a beach-and they have delicious jerk foods!

  3. Portia Flynn says:

    Boston Beach is ideal for a relaxing holiday with all the family.

  4. Shanta Gatlin says:

    This beach is one of the most beautiful in jamaica.

  5. Marta Leffler says:

    This beach is one of my favorite to go on vacation.

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