The Lovely Lagoon of Aitutaki Island

download (1)The Cook Islands are a far-flung group of islands to the east of Australia and Asia in the Pacific Ocean. This small country is made up of 15 separate islands and together they comprise about 92 square miles of complete and total beauty that enchant everyone who visit them. Aitutaki is the second most visited of the Cook Islands, and the island’s popularity has much to do with its breathtakingly beautiful lagoons. Located among the southern group of the Cook Islands (as opposed to the northern group), Aitutaki has come to be known as “Honeymoon Island” because so many couples choose to visit here for the honeymoon of a lifetime.


The tropical beauty of the remote island of Aitutaki draws lovers not only for honeymoons but for weddings as well, thanks in part to the incredibly gorgeous ceremony backdrop made by the beachfront. Aitutaki’s central lagoon is becoming widely known for being the ideal “tropical island beach spot.” Its waters are a crystal clear turquoise blue that is made to look all the more blue because it’s offset by the incredible white of the soft powdery sand. And the palm trees that surround the lagoon give it privacy and make it feel like a protected little slice of paradise, which is pretty much exactly what it is. A trip to Aitutaki and the Cook Islands might take a while to complete, but once you get there you’ll never want to leave.


  1. Elenor says:

    Sounds like paradise

  2. william t says:

    that is far away, hopefully i will get to go there someday

  3. Elizabeth Clement says:

    I will ask for that as a wedding present whenever I finally get married

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