The Luxury of Larvotto Beach

download (1)There are two kinds of beaches in this world. (Well, actually, there are many kinds of beaches, but for our purposes, we’re cutting that number down to two.) There are remote beaches that are located on serene tropical islands where you can luxuriate all day and not hear a sound except for the crashing waves and the swaying palm trees. Then there are bustling urban beaches like you’ll find in Rio or Miami, beaches that have a definite heartbeat and are filled with people, music and the sounds of electric city life. Larvotto Beach in Monte Carlo is definitely one of these bustling beaches, and boy, is it ever fun.


Monte Carlo is best known for gambling, Grand Prix car racing and as the main city in the tiny country of Monaco. And if Monte Carlo is the centerpiece of Monaco, Larvotto Beach is the centerpiece of Monte Carlo. Larvotto is Monte Carlo’s only public beach; it runs along the city’s edge separating hotels, apartment buildings, bars, shops and restaurants from the Mediterranean Sea. From the water, Larvotto Beach helps Monte Carlo present one of the most picturesque and incredible skylines anywhere in the Riviera. The beach itself is man-made and consists not of sand but of tiny pebbles. But the sand isn’t the draw of Larvotto Beach, the scene is the draw. All of the jet-setters who flock to Monte Carlo to gamble and party in one of the ritziest cities on earth make their way down to Larvotto to breathe in the sea air and watch the sun set over Monte Carlo.


  1. Roberto says:


  2. A trip to Monte Carlo is unforgettable

  3. jessie says:

    have not been to larvotto, but that coastline looks incredible!

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