The Royal Palm Shows off the Beauty of St. Maarten

downloadThe Caribbean island of St. Martin can be a bit confusing for people because it’s not only spelled that way but also St. Maarten, making it seem like it’s two different places. And if you’ve ever been there for a visit then you know that is indeed true, St. Martin is two very different, but equally beautiful places. Half the island is of Dutch heritage and the other half is French. Both sides of the island have their particular draw; most of the night time partying goes down on the Dutch side, while the nude beaches and great shopping can be found on the French side. And both sides are known for having wonderful beachfront hotels.


The Royal Palm Beach Resort is one such beachfront hotels, and it’s certainly one of the best. Featuring 140 guest rooms that sit directly on a long, curved beautiful stretch of beach, you’ll want for nothing when you’re staying at the Royal Palm. The hotel is located in Cole Bay, which is on the Dutch side of the island, the side known as St. Maarten. This resort hotel truly has everything you could want to make your vacation perfect, from a pool and full service spa to any water sport you could possibly want to enjoy. It also offers a wide range of dining options from restaurants to snack bars and barbecue areas, and it even has its very own grocery store. And oh, that beach! You’ll never want to leave.


  1. thanks for clarifying, i had no idea they were the same island!

  2. Jeremy F says:

    Both sides are amazing

  3. Angela says:

    I love taking a boat to St Maarten

  4. Danita Rossi says:

    Stay one night at this hotel is a luxury.

  5. olivia says:

    st maarten is the best vaction

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