Unwind at the Incredible Jamaica Inn

download (8)Jamaica is one of the most popular beach vacation destination spots and it is really easy to understand why. This laid-back tropical island in the Caribbean sets the standard for teaching people to forget their troubles, relax and enjoy the sun and surf. Ocho Rios is in the northern part of Jamaica and has become a favorite vacation spot for beach enthusiasts. The town’s popularity has drawn quite a few wonderful hotels to the area, so visitors have their choice among the best of the best. From tiny boutique hotels to massive, all-inclusive resorts, Ocho Rios has something for everyone.


Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios fulfills your every need and desire when it comes to the perfect beach hotel. This resort has every modern amenity you’ve come to expect, but it’s got an understated elegance and colonial design that set it apart from your typical modern resort. Guests can choose from beachfront rooms with terraces or balconies that overlook the water all the way up to full apartments with private pools and access stairways down to the beach below. And the beach itself at the Jamaica Inn is such a treat. Unlike the crowded public beaches of Jamaica, the private beach here is quiet and has plenty of room for everyone. This resort is tiny compared to the commercial, non-stop party or water park resorts. It only has 48 rooms and cottages and its guests get plenty of individual attention and a peaceful, utterly relaxing stay.


  1. renee says:

    hmm, i didnt have a good experience with jamaica, not sure i would go back

  2. Christopher says:

    The water is so clear in Ocho Rios, this sounds like a beautiful vacation spot

  3. just look at that view!

  4. Dierdre Braley says:

    Jamaica is a beautiful place to vacation

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