Walk for Miles on Placencia Peninsula Beach

images (1)Placencia is a charming town in the southeastern region of Belize. This small country on the Caribbean Sea offers some of the most gorgeous beach views in Central America, and Placencia is home to one of the most incredible. The Placencia Peninsula, in fact, boasts the longest beach in the entirety of Belize’s mainland. The village of Placencia is like a postcard and is home to fewer than 500 extremely lucky residents. They get to live in this paradise full time; we might not have that pleasure, but at least we can visit for the vacation of a lifetime.


The beach at Placencia Peninsula stretches for an amazing 15 miles and spans across not only Placencia Village, but also Maya Beach and Seine Bight. Visitors to the peninsula have rated this long stretch of beach “barefoot perfect,” which is really saying something considering the impressive and seemingly never-ending length of this pristine beach. The vivid blue water and the whisper soft sand will melt away your troubles and you can walk for miles and miles without seeing anything but this fantastic view. The beach is certainly not void of activity though; the strip at Placencia Village is filled with restaurants and bars that draw both tourists and Belize natives. If you are planning a trip to experience the laid-back beauty of Belize, remember, the Placencia Peninsula Beach is not to be missed.


  1. Kelly Ann says:

    What an amazing vacation that would be

  2. danny t says:

    placencia, huh? never heard of it

  3. Nessa says:

    Would never think of Belize as a vacation spot, but it sounds great

  4. Brittony Faral says:

    Such beautiful water

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